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AutoPager: Version Released. Rewrite most of the code to make it works on Firefox, Firefox Android, Google Chrome , Opera, Safari, Fennec, Maxthon,MicroB. Improve AutoPager Lite. And allow other scripts to integrate with AutoPager. You can find more info here. Improve ajax support. Refer to for detail. AutoPager will now re-support ajax mode google now. I hope google not change their layout to anti autopager any more.
Try Ctrl+ALT+3 if it doesn't work on your google.
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foxbeans changelogs comment
New functions added to
1. add run wtih and debug with menus for the project context menu,allow run/debug project and xul files with different applications
2. allow run individual xul files , also support run with and debug with. Now you can test and debug your xul files without need to open the main browser window.
You may need to use ProfileManager to delete the test profile some time when you switch applications.  Espcially when you are trying a different version of an application. Such as different of firefox.
New functions added to
Autodiscovery the installed mozilla applications in your system. It will discovery Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Flock and nvu/KompoZer. You can also manually do the discovery in the mozilla application manager(open the project setting and click the "...' button to open it.) It will search for the installed application in registory (WinXP only) and C:\Program Files for Windows users. And search in /opt/, /usr/lib, /usr/local/lib,~ and ~/bin for installed mozilla based applications for other systems.
New functions added to
Add debug support. This is done by add the injtegration to the javascript debugger(venkman) for firefox. You can set breakpoints in netbeans for the java script files , when you debug the addon, the breakpoints will be auto loaded in firefox/thunderbird and the javascript debugger will be open too. 
From, this plugin need XDM plugin. If the plugin manager fails to install it for you, you can try download and install Here is a local copy
If you are failed to install it 
New functions added to
Add i18n support for xul file.
It will search and put the hard coded string for following attribute to a dtd file.
New functions added to
1. Add two functions to add/remove the missed language items from properties/dtd locale files. Correct Language Files and minimize Language Files. Correct will add missed string resources, this will help if you want to release the files. Minimize will remove the string resources which equal to the default "en-US" ones. This will help to submit the upgraded files to babelzilla is a site to help localizing mozilla/Firefox addons.
2. Support add extensions to the testing env. You just need put the addons you want to add to the test profiles to the extensions directory under your project. They will be automatically installed. For example you can put the javascript debugger there. XPI files or installed folders are both supported. You can get the installed addon folders in your /extensions folder. An small extension have been added by default. It will enable debug chrome files in javascript debugger.
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