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AutoPager: Version Released. Rewrite most of the code to make it works on Firefox, Firefox Android, Google Chrome , Opera, Safari, Fennec, Maxthon,MicroB. Improve AutoPager Lite. And allow other scripts to integrate with AutoPager. You can find more info here. Improve ajax support. Refer to for detail. AutoPager will now re-support ajax mode google now. I hope google not change their layout to anti autopager any more.
Try Ctrl+ALT+3 if it doesn't work on your google.
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AutoPager Changelogs comment

AutoPager is a Firefox extension which automatically loads the next page of a site inline when you reach the end of the current page for infinite scrolling of content.
By default AutoPager works with a ton of sites, including Lifehacker, the New York Times, Digg, and, of course, Google.
You can always find the detail code changes at .

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AutoPager || AutoPager Lite Version Pre-release
  1. Ask users whether to enable rules discovery at first run
AutoPager || AutoPager Lite Version Pre-release
Bug fixes:
  1. Fix a bug in the wizard, it impacts the clear and test function.
AutoPager || AutoPager Lite Version Pre-release
Bug fixes:
  1. Add switch to normal and switch to lite in the menu
  2. Try next rules if current matched rule doesn't work
AutoPager || AutoPager Lite Version Pre-release
Bug fixes:
  1. Correct toolbar icon popup issue
AutoPager || AutoPager Lite Version Pre-release
Bug fixes:
  1. Fix errors for Fennec
  1. Remove the old page option, replace with notification API
AutoPager 0.5.5 || AutoPager Lite 0.5.5: Version 0.5.5 Pre-release
Bug fixes:
  1. Some little performance tuning
AutoPager 0.5.4: Version 0.5.4 Pre-release
Bug fixes:
  1. Sets the scrolling on the frame to yes, if it's enabled on a frame with scrolling set to no. refer to for more info.
AutoPager Version Pre-release
Bug fixes:
  1. Some users have noticed skips in flash videos, this version attempt to fix it.
AutoPager Version Pre-release
Bug fixes:
  1. Fix two typo in which cause AP stop update rules
AutoPager Version Pre-release
  1. Allow modify the online rules, the changes will be save as an override and load automatically. You can reset it in the setting manager.
  2. Allow enable/disable AP toolbar icon by one click
  3. Put all the core options to the menu to let it easy to set
  4. Add autopager.anti-anti-autopager option, disabled by default. AutoPager need to simulate click to load the next page. It click the center of the selected next link by default. And it will use random position within the node if autopager.anti-anti-autopager is set to true.

Bug fixes:
  1. Allow disable AutoPager Refinements at the page
  2. Set AutoPager to update rules every other day (previous is update every day, our servers don't have enough capability to handle the updates)
  3. Don't set AutoPager to user agent by default.
  4. add display:inline to the nav image
  5. Fix another related issue on twitter: when accessing posts to @myscreenname and scrolling down, autopager loads the home page.
  6. The layout of Facebook (Profile->Info) was changed in, this is a fix
AutoPager Version Pre-release
Bug fix:
  1. Fix some conflicts
  2. Fix a performance issue.
AutoPager Version Pre-release
New Features:
  1. Support web site which doesn't need load new pages, like twitter, they load next contents in the same page after click a button.
  2. Add some basic trouble shoting functions.
  3. Add more features to the site wizard, discovery more url pattern, use drop down on url pattern and the xpathes, add xpath assistant
  4. Add a help menu, include links like donation,about,help,tutorials and online rules
  5. Add AutoPager to user agent
  6. Introduce a simple core options dialog
  7. Better handling ajax pages, now monitor the location change event to restart autopager when the ajax page content changed, all clean all loaded pages through Immeditely Load->Clean All. This will also recheck the paging rules.
  8. Add filter up/down button in the setting
  9. Add Auto Pager Refinements
Bug fix or Improvement:
  1. Improve update tracking
  2. Improve xpath pickup functions
  3. Fix pickup issues and use publish instead of public
  4. Improve the handling of the tweaking session feature. It now restores to the last visible page under your mouse.
  5. Improve the site search function, the first matched one will be selected.
  1. Use json as rules persistent format, which reduce memory usage and improve performance
  2. Improve paging performance by skip loading images in next pages. The images will only be load after the pages are merged. You can set quick load to false in the rule if this doesn't work for your site.
  3. Allow auto paging in backend
  4. Better ajax support, more sites can be supported like
  5. Allow reorder repositories
  6. add autopager.include-unsafe-rules option, default to false. An unsafe rule can be a rule for web site that contains any pornographic, hate-related, violent, or illegal content. Please report to if you find a rule is not safe.
  7. Enable chinalist for chinese user
Bug fix:
  1. Fix an error in handling urls show in the page break
  2. track update
  3. fix bugs in update which lead to failed rule update
  4. Better handle frames and more small fixes
  5. Handle mozilla event relocation. This make AutoPager works on some site which it doesn't support before, like the one mention here
Integrated in clear private data
Align all the popup menu to the same items
Wrap some 'loose' variables and functions within a JavaScript object
Correct the links in page break and add the top,up,down and bottom link to it.
Allow disable the new site confirmation
Use the loaded next page document link in the page break if the next link element is not an hyperlink element.
Allow open site workshop in its own window
Implement the pickup button in Site setting dialog
Better ajax support, can support site like now. Bug 48
Better session support, restore to last but one page after navigate away from this page and back, or after restart. Bug 63
A small performance tunning
disable repository chinalist.xml. Use Tools->AutoPager->Manage Setting->chinalist.xml, check the enable checkbox to enable it if you need it.
delay miliseconds apply for ajax site now
update locales
Add autopager.simulateMouseDown global option
Better handle AP status, use different icon for Enabled: , Disabled: , Disabled on site: .
Fix some ui items for seamonkey
Add "NEXT" for different languages in disovery
Improve compatibility with "Grab and Drag"
Update locales
AutoPager now works well with autoscroll (middle mouse button).
Add a new option "Need Trigger Mouse Down Event for the next page link" to individual site setting. AutoPager trigger click event to load next page, you can try to turn this option on if the page loading next page triggered by mouse down or mouse up events.
Fix a bug that AutoPager stop working in some site where document.documentElement.scrollHeight is 0 when loading.
AutoPager icon changed.
Add a drop down menu to the AutoPager toolbar button. It allow easily disable/enable AP on individual site now. It provides a menu to report issues for existing paging rules or request for help on pages don't have AP rules.
AutoPager new toolbar button
Add two config items. One is the minimum preloaded page count. Another is the delay before merging next page (in miliseconds).
The "minimum preloaded page count" tell AP preload how many pages for you. It's in both site config or global config.The global config item can be access in about:config, named as autopager.minipages, default value is 1. The site setting can be changed in the advance tab of the site setting, default is -1, which means not set, AP will use the global option for this sit.
The "delay before merging next page" option tell AP to delay for some miliseconds before merge the content from next page. This can be helpful if your site need some time to do some post loading work. Or some extensions you used need time to load some more info. For example, WOT need some time to get the security level for your sites. The config name is autopager.loadingDelayMiliseconds. The site special setting can be set in the advance tab of the site setting dialog.
Address the steals focus issue. Details can be find here.
add a pref item autopager.flashIconNotify, default to false, the autopager statusbar icon will not flash if it's false Save pref changes only when it changed Change the repository url. Default to, with others as backup repository Ignore small iframe and frames Small locale string changes Fix a issue in handling container XPath which made AP rules for not work. Add pref autopager.hide-context-menu, use about:config to set it to true to disable the AutoPager context menu Split the rule setting to two tabs to reduce the dialog height and prepare for more options later
Fix a spelling error in context menu,said "Immedialately" instead of Immediately.
Autopagerize repository down. So I create a local cache for it. AutoPager will try our local cache first. It will try the orignal sites if it fails use the local cache.
Add a try-catch to the code for create the regular expression, it will try parser it as normal pattern if it failed to parser it as regular expression. Without this patch, AutoPager will not work if users submit a wrong setting which a wrong regular expression. a quick fix for , which will cause page loses focus after autopaging.
Add three settings in about:config: autopager.miniheight default to 0.5 , autopager.minipages default to 1, autopager.defaultheight to 2. autopager.miniheight means the mini setting in  "Paging when space is less than ___ window heights". autopager.minipages means the mini unreaded pages autopager need to prepare for you.  autopager.defaultheight means the defaults value for "Paging when space is less than ___ window heights". The max allowed pages in the page option is automaticly set to the previous setting now.
copy all //style from new page to current pages when WOT addon is detected. WOT will create some inline styles, without this styles the trusted/untrused image will not be show.
Add a pref loadingDelayMiliseconds default to 100, to make WOT works in the new pages you may need to use about:config set this to a bugger number, such as 3000, it's 3 seconds, before WOT can work out the links in that page
Add help tooltip in the site workshop and the settings. Click it will open the related item in AutoPager wiki. set show-help to false in about:config to disable this feature.
  • autopager Version  fix a bug in handling frame. pages in frames will be keep on loading
    remove unecessary codes
    use dynamic collapse and hidden to avoid the browser report 0 for its width, which will make pages like google images not layout very well
    Remove all the refer to the old wizard 
    Disable the source on my blog.
    Tuning the AutoPager site setting workshop
    Try to make it works on Fennec the mobile version of firefox.
  • autopager Version Try to make it works on Fennec (the mobile version of firefox).
  • autopager Version Correct locales file. And disable the shortcut key (Alt+S) for AutoPager workshop. This functions doesn't seem need a shortcur key. And this setting may conflict with others.
  • Very Happy
    AutoPager recommanded by Mozilla editors.
    Try it now if you haven't installed.
    Instal AutoPager
  • autopager : Version Add scrollbar to container if there is not scroolbar on it, which means you can now use any element as scroll container now. But please make the content are within the container.
  • autopager : Version not load next page so possitive
  • autopager : Version changes includes
    1). add 'site setting workshop' menu item in the autopager icon in the status bar.
    2). add a preview/test button on the site setting workshop.
    3). add a 'apply' button to the 'Manage Setting' option window.
    4). making the url patterns that have been made 'public' a different color : orange
    5). prompt when try to public a already public setting
    6). Show a modal prompt for the paging confirm, can be turn off in setting->general

    Most of these ideas comes from avro at

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