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AutoPager: Version Released. Rewrite most of the code to make it works on Firefox, Firefox Android, Google Chrome , Opera, Safari, Fennec, Maxthon,MicroB. Improve AutoPager Lite. And allow other scripts to integrate with AutoPager. You can find more info here. Improve ajax support. Refer to for detail. AutoPager will now re-support ajax mode google now. I hope google not change their layout to anti autopager any more.
Try Ctrl+ALT+3 if it doesn't work on your google.
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jStarDict 0.5.1 released comment
jStarDict 0.5.1 released
Changes include: 
1. Enchance the dict discovery in mobile version.
2. Add jStarDictM-EE EE standard for encoding enchanced. I ported icu to java me, if your dict's encoding is not supported by the jvm on your phone. You can try this. You need to don't the vnc files to your tf card. Please put the cnv file to dict\config\icu folder. Please get the cnv files from
3. Add a jStarDictMLite version. It doesn't use file api at all. You can only the desktop version jStarDict to package dicts into it to use. It can be used for the phones which don't provider the file access api or not easy to get file permit.
4. Add a setting option which will control the show the explain. Currently the explain will show only in one screen heigh and have a little scroll bar. The new option will let you expand the text if it's not so long.
5. Fix some bug in the desktop version export dict function.

1. 增强了词典发现的功能,有些名字比较特异的词典应该也可以自动发现了.
2. 增加了EE版,也就是编码增强版,那些编码不是utf-8的kdic词典文件应该也可以用了. 目前的EE版中我只增加了GB2312,GBK和GB18030以及UTF-16,UTF-32系列的编码. 其他的编码例如你需要日文编码需要取下栽转换文件., 用7zip展开这个文件从com\ibm\icu\impl\data\icudt38b\目录中复制所有文件到手机上dict\config\icu目 录.注意需要自己建立这些目录结构(在tf卡上新建dict,在dict中建config,在config中建icu,在将刚才所的那些文件复制到这个目 录,注意是复制那些*.icu和*.cnv文件,而不是icudt38b目录)。
3. 增加了早就预告的jStarDictMLite。他不包含任何文件的访问,需要使用桌面版将词典加入才可以运行,这主要是为那些无法取得文件访问权限的手机设计的。
4. 增加了控制解释显示的选项,缺省为10,表示当解释长度小于10屏时展开解释,不使用滚动条。抱歉如果解释太长,还是需要那个小小的滚动条。
5. 修复了桌面版的导出词典功能中的bug,现在应该可以毫无问题的导出以及打包词典到jar文件。

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