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AutoPager: Version Released. Rewrite most of the code to make it works on Firefox, Firefox Android, Google Chrome , Opera, Safari, Fennec, Maxthon,MicroB. Improve AutoPager Lite. And allow other scripts to integrate with AutoPager. You can find more info here. Improve ajax support. Refer to for detail. AutoPager will now re-support ajax mode google now. I hope google not change their layout to anti autopager any more.
Try Ctrl+ALT+3 if it doesn't work on your google.
You can now update to We recommend!Click here to scan for System Errors & Optimize PC Performance
TeeDictM installation comment
TeeDict is an open source dictionary software for your phone and pc. I has different versions for Java enabled phones or blackberry phones. It's free. You can download it here:

The following step are proved to work for motorola phones like A1200. For Symbian phones like Nokia N70,N95, please read this also. 
For BlackBerry users. Please also read  this  and
Read  this for the navigater in the explain area.

This is a little complex because jstardict is a java midlet. It need get the file access permission to work.
1. install this jStarDictM.jar into tf card. Please always find the newer version. Currently I had realsed v0.4.0. Please Download it from or
2.edit .system\java\DownloadApps\MIDletxxxx\registry.txt If you had not install this program before the MIDletxxxx should be the last one in .system\java\DownloadApps. You can find what's MIDletxxxx is in .system\java\CardRegistry. Search jStarDict in it, you will find the section for jStarDict, it will tell you the Directory.
You eed change the Domain to Manufacturer to let this tool have file access permission.
You can also change DRM-Modeand Is-Trusted.
The chaged File look like:
DRM-Mode: Allowed
Is-Trusted: 1
Domain: Manufacturer
Notice:Be sure to keep this file in unix format. Not tranfer it to dos format. 
 It's said there is a simple app to remove the security restrictions of all installed JAVA applications by hacking the registry.txt file. You can try it here:
.system\java\CardRegistry look like:
AppID = {51a795c4-6d1d-2abb-bce7-a19e411101d7}             
Args =                                                     
Attribute = 5                                              
BigIcon = Files/MIDlet-1.png                               
Daemon = 0                                                 
Directory = /mmc/mmca1/.system/java/DownloadApps/MIDlet20087
Eraseable = 1                                              
Exec =                                                     
FixedAllPosition = 0    
FixedPosition = 0       
GroupID = ezx           
Icon = Files/MIDlet-1.png
InstalledDate = 2006/9/29
JavaId = 20087          
LockValue = 0           
MassStorageStatus = 1
MpkgFile =          
Name = jStarDict      
OsVersion =                          
Rotation =                                   
Shared = 0                                   
Size = 115K 
Type = 2            
UserID = ezx        
Visible = 1

3. create a folder called dict in your hard disk. Get the dicts you want to use from stardict.sourceforge.n...naries.php
and unzip to the folder. Each dict should have a folder with its
default name and in that folder there will be three files. An .ifo , an
.idx and a file.
If you use 4-1 step, you will not need to unzip the download files.
4 Choose  4-1 or 4-2. 4-1 is suggested.
     4-1 install the dict to jStarDict for desktop and export the dicts to a folder then copy dict/ to your phone. See for how to install jstardict desktop version.
     4-2. unzip the file int the same folder using 7zip and make the
name correct if need. For examle if your dz file named then
the unzipped file should be abc.dict.

5. Copy dict directory to your tf root.



6. In application list ,long click the jStarDict icon, select
manage/permisions, you should change the user data read and user data
write to Never Ask. You have to click the box to select Never Ask. Even there are only one option and the options are already list as Never Ask.

7.(Option,if you meet out memory you can try this)Manage Java Heap, see
8.(Option)add word sound support

9. start jStarDict app,enjoy it. Use dict manager to add dict. You can use the auto discovery function, or add manually.
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