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TeeDict (called jStarDict before) 0.6.1 released comment

v0.6.1 at  2008-06-24

TeeDict (called jStarDict before) 0.6.1 released. This include following changes:
1. Add a welcome page if no dict installed to tell user what to do to add a dict.
2. Allow install dict online
3. Fix some bugs
4. Installer for desktop version
5.Rename to TeeDict

And you can try it online now at:
And the application itself can be installed online at:
Or for blackberry at:

jStarDict v0.6.0 Released comment

jStarDict v0.6.0 Released
There are four major enchance to this release and some bug fix
1. Dict file tuning. It can now uncompress and split large files on your phone now. After tuning, you will see the remarkable performance improvement. v0.6.0.1 jStarDictBB only.Support press Enter to start search.
2. Search performance tuning.
3. Set Delay to 0 to disable search on press. In this mode you can type the word and press search when you finish.
4. All check upgrade online. It will show you the running version and the last version number.

Some minor bug fixes.

Download it here .
jStarDictM/jStarDictBB 0.5.8 released comment
jStarDictM/jStarDictBB 0.5.8 released. Start support package word voice as a stardict dict. So don't need to copy thousands small follow to add voice. And you can customize voice volume in this version. Download it here .
jStarDictM 0.5.9 released comment
jStarDictM 0.5.9 released. Try to address the performance issue in some old j2me enabled phones. In that phone file system have a strange behavior which will cause stream.skip() very slow. But jStarDict access all dict in file, it need jump in files.  I found a workaround for this. I will use where skip needed. You can turn on this  by check "Tuning Skip Code" options in the setting menu.
Download it here .
autopager 0.2.0 released comment
autopager 0.2.0 released.
   Change logs:
  • autopager 0.2.0 : Version 0.2.0 Add Ajax site support, take as a simple
  • autopager : Version  Fix conflickwith ScribeFire, where a gray gap in the screen is created when use ScribeFire atsmae time
  • autopager : Version
    • Allow turn off the confirm prompt
    • Add updatesource
    • Allow modify update period for individual source
    • Allow enable/disable individual source
Download it Now .
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