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AutoPager: Version Released. Rewrite most of the code to make it works on Firefox, Firefox Android, Google Chrome , Opera, Safari, Fennec, Maxthon,MicroB. Improve AutoPager Lite. And allow other scripts to integrate with AutoPager. You can find more info here. Improve ajax support. Refer to for detail. AutoPager will now re-support ajax mode google now. I hope google not change their layout to anti autopager any more.
Try Ctrl+ALT+3 if it doesn't work on your google.
You can now update to We recommend!Click here to scan for System Errors & Optimize PC Performance
AutoPager | Faster Web Browsing comment
FAQs - AutoPager FAQs
  AutoPager is a Firefox extension which automatically loads the next page of a site inline when you reach the end of the current page for infinite scrolling of content. By default AutoPager works with a ton of sites, including Lifehacker, the New York Times, Digg, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, YouTube, flickr, live, msn, myspace, wikipedia, ebay,taobao,Twitter and, of course, Google. AutoPager is a free software. AutoPager is also an open source software.
AutoPager Lite is added after verion 0.5.5.
AutoPager For Google Chrome is added after version 0.6.0.
AutoPager For Fennec support is added after version
AutoPager For MicroB(web browser on Nokia N900 mobile phone) support is added after version

Try Ctrl+ALT+3 if it doesn't work on your google. It's shortcut for Tools->AutoPager->Immediately Load->Load 3 pages.

Install AutoPagerInstall AutoPagerInstall the latest stable version of AutoPager from Or You can also Install AutoPagerInstall the last development version AutoPager.
Try other Add-ons/Tools from us: FrameExt. It extends the frame functions. Add functions like adjust iframe Size to Fit its Contents, merge iframe content to the main page...
Thunderbird Message Filter Import/Export, export and import Thunderbird message filters.
TeeDict, a dictionary tool for mobile phone.

You can ask questions or helps at our forum:

See the reviews on AutoPager by others here. Drop an email to   if you want to add your review on this site.


AutoPager: auto load next pages

More change logs at AutoPager Change Logs.
Where is jStarDict comment
FAQs - TeeDict FAQs
It's TeeDict now.  We would be greatful if you can tell us your feeling of the new name at our bbs:
jstardict change log comment
FAQs - TeeDict FAQs

v0.6.1 at  2008-06-24

TeeDict (called jStarDict before) 0.6.1 released. This include following changes:
1. Add a welcome page if no dict installed to tell user what to do to add a dict.
2. Allow install dict online
3. Fix some bugs
4. Installer for desktop version
5.Rename to TeeDict

And you can try it online now at:
And the application itself can be installed online at:
Or for blackberry at:

v0.6.0.1 at  2008-06-08

 jStarDictBB only.

Support press Enter to start search. 

v0.6.0 at  2008-06-08
There are four major enchance to this release and some bug fix
1. Dict file tuning. It can now uncompress and split large files on your phone now. After tuning, you will see the remarkable performance improvement. Details are at

2. Search performance tuning.
3. Set Delay to 0 to disable search on press. In this mode you can type the word and press search when you finish.
4. All check upgrade online. It will show you the running version and the last version number.

Some minor bug fixes.

v0.5.9 at  2008-06-04

Try to address the performance issue in some old j2me enabled phones. In that phone file system have a strange behavior which will cause stream.skip() very slow.
But jStarDict access all dict in file, it need jump in files.  I found a workaround for this. I will use where skip needed. You can turn on this  by check "Tuning Skip Code" options in the setting menu.

v0.5.8 at 2008-04-26

 Allow change void volume.

v0.5.7 at 2008-04-17

 Start support package word voice as a stardict dict. So don't need to copy thousands small files.
Please follow to add voice.

 v0.5.6  at 2008-04-12:

allow import/export bookmark from text file. Each line is a word.

for export, you can select a text file or a folder, if you choose a folder then the exported file name will be bookmark.txt 

auto discovery  is disabled by default. Important.

 v0.5.5  at 2008-03-22:

Add an options to not auto discovery dict at startup to get quick startup. Add a discovery menu in dict manager Add key setting for bb 8100.

 v0.5.4  at 2008-02-07: 

fix dict discovery error in some phone

v0.5.3  at 2007-12-16:

Implement the Browse Path function in Add Dict.

 v0.5.2  at 2007-09-23:

The changes includes:
1. Add a explain control setting form. For to Setting/Explain Control Settings.
2. Add word sound support. You need to get .

Unpack it and put the folder to <tf root>\dict\sound\WyabdcRealPeopleTTS. After you folder will look like this:

3. Add more options to control the explain show behavior.

You can show it only after you click details menu. Goto Settings form for detail.
4. Some other bug fixes.


v0.5.1  at 2007-09-09:

v0.5.1-pre  at 2007-09-04:

Quick fix to some dict discovery bugs in 0.5.0.

 v0.5.0  at 2007-09-02:

Changes for the mobile version jStarDictM/jStarDictBB:

1. The new improved explaination control. In the new control, you can pick up a dict and click a key to seach for it. You can use the navigater key in your phone. Or use the number key 0 to 9 to navigator and search a word. The OK button or the 5 key is used to first the search. number 2,4,6,8 are as up,left,right and down if you don't have the navigator keys in your phone. 1,3,7,9 are sued to decrease or increase the selected area. 0 is used to move to begin or end of the explain. If you are not at the first line then 0 goto the first line, otherwise it will bring you to the last line. You can also use your point pen if your phone support. You can click the right side of the explain to scroll it. You will find a simple scroll bar at the right of the screen.

2. Add a special char inputer. Select the search box then you will find a command in the menu. It use the same control used to show the explaination.

3. Add a history list. It will show all the searched words in current session.

4. You can manager the order of the dicts now.

5. Add more settings.

Changes for the desktop version jStarDict:

1. Now it's near to usable. You can use it on your desktop. But it still miss some feature like screen word pickup.

2. The dict manager feature is usable now. You can add or delete a dict without need to use files your select. What you need is to download a dict, it can be a tar.gz , tar.bz2 or file. You just need to browse the downloaded file, the dict manager will uncompress and try to recognize your dicts. You can also choose to copy the dict to the folders for all users or just for current users. The folder for all users is <install dir>/dict. The folder for current user for windows users are <user home>\Application Data\TeeDict\Dict or <user home>/.teedict/dict for linux users.

3. Add a dict export function. You can use this to prepare the dicts for used in your phone. It can copy all your dicts to a folder and split the large files in it. You can also package the dicts to the jStarDictM.jar for those phones which you can't transfer files to it or you can't make it work. And thanks goes to lzknews,chhzhoushu,xmilder and wxc to test and provide veru helpfull suggestions.

 v0.4.0  at 2007-08-20:

It includes these major changes:

1. Use a custom control to display sound mark.

2. Improve dict manager to add/edit/remove dicts

3. Add a dict list in the main form(can be disabled in settings)

4. Add i18n support to the program

5. Add English and Simple Chinese languages

6. Add pack dict files into the jar file support from this version. Features 4,5,6 use a file: resource.list ,its content like this: d /dict f 509 /dict/punctuation.txt d /lang f 2009 /lang/ f 2905 /lang/ f 2009 /lang/ d means directory,f means file, the number after f is the size of the file. The build script will create this file automatic. And an app is being wrote to add dicts to the jar file. And before you can put the dict into jStarDictM/src/dict and build the projects to get the jar with the dicts packed in. goto to find more info.
 v0.3.0.1  at 2007-08-16:

Same function with 0.3.0 but compiled with older WTK. 0.3.0 is compiled with WTK 2.5.1 and this is compiled with WTK 2.2. This one will installable for A1200.

 v0.3.0  at 2007-08-11:

bug fix and more dict format support. The new supported dict format include kdic format, dictd format and tab files.

kdic format is used by kdic developed at They are also used zdic. There are a lot of dict files in this format.
The dictd support are currently only the dictd dicts. Not the dictd protocol. The dictd protocol will be supported in feature version of this app.
tab files are the simple text files each line has a word then a tab then the explains. Like this:
a word a
b word b
If your tab file is less then 128k then you don't need to sort them before use with this tool. If your file size is large then 128k, please sort them yourself before send them to you mobile device.

As for the stardict files, this tool will auotmatic pick up your dicts if you put them in the dict folder of any storage devices in your mobile device.
In this release another major improvement are the support for the files support has been improved. You don't need to uncompress the files before transfer them to you mobile device.


v0.2.3  at 2007-06-14:
Add remove bookmark item function.


v0.2.2   at 2007-06-10:


v0.1.x   at 2006-11-26:
   Release the initial source code. You can open and compile them using Netbeans 5.0 with mobile pack. I have submit a project request at It's on pending now. You can go to see the status.

foxbeans changelogs comment
FAQs - foxbeans
New functions added to
1. add run wtih and debug with menus for the project context menu,allow run/debug project and xul files with different applications
2. allow run individual xul files , also support run with and debug with. Now you can test and debug your xul files without need to open the main browser window.
You may need to use ProfileManager to delete the test profile some time when you switch applications.  Espcially when you are trying a different version of an application. Such as different of firefox.
New functions added to
Autodiscovery the installed mozilla applications in your system. It will discovery Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Flock and nvu/KompoZer. You can also manually do the discovery in the mozilla application manager(open the project setting and click the "...' button to open it.) It will search for the installed application in registory (WinXP only) and C:\Program Files for Windows users. And search in /opt/, /usr/lib, /usr/local/lib,~ and ~/bin for installed mozilla based applications for other systems.
New functions added to
Add debug support. This is done by add the injtegration to the javascript debugger(venkman) for firefox. You can set breakpoints in netbeans for the java script files , when you debug the addon, the breakpoints will be auto loaded in firefox/thunderbird and the javascript debugger will be open too. 
From, this plugin need XDM plugin. If the plugin manager fails to install it for you, you can try download and install Here is a local copy
If you are failed to install it 
New functions added to
Add i18n support for xul file.
It will search and put the hard coded string for following attribute to a dtd file.
New functions added to
1. Add two functions to add/remove the missed language items from properties/dtd locale files. Correct Language Files and minimize Language Files. Correct will add missed string resources, this will help if you want to release the files. Minimize will remove the string resources which equal to the default "en-US" ones. This will help to submit the upgraded files to babelzilla is a site to help localizing mozilla/Firefox addons.
2. Support add extensions to the testing env. You just need put the addons you want to add to the test profiles to the extensions directory under your project. They will be automatically installed. For example you can put the javascript debugger there. XPI files or installed folders are both supported. You can get the installed addon folders in your /extensions folder. An small extension have been added by default. It will enable debug chrome files in javascript debugger.
TeeDictM installation comment
FAQs - TeeDict FAQs
TeeDict is an open source dictionary software for your phone and pc. I has different versions for Java enabled phones or blackberry phones. It's free. You can download it here:

The following step are proved to work for motorola phones like A1200. For Symbian phones like Nokia N70,N95, please read this also. 
For BlackBerry users. Please also read  this  and
Read  this for the navigater in the explain area.

This is a little complex because jstardict is a java midlet. It need get the file access permission to work.
1. install this jStarDictM.jar into tf card. Please always find the newer version. Currently I had realsed v0.4.0. Please Download it from or
2.edit .system\java\DownloadApps\MIDletxxxx\registry.txt If you had not install this program before the MIDletxxxx should be the last one in .system\java\DownloadApps. You can find what's MIDletxxxx is in .system\java\CardRegistry. Search jStarDict in it, you will find the section for jStarDict, it will tell you the Directory.
You eed change the Domain to Manufacturer to let this tool have file access permission.
You can also change DRM-Modeand Is-Trusted.
The chaged File look like:
DRM-Mode: Allowed
Is-Trusted: 1
Domain: Manufacturer
Notice:Be sure to keep this file in unix format. Not tranfer it to dos format. 
 It's said there is a simple app to remove the security restrictions of all installed JAVA applications by hacking the registry.txt file. You can try it here:
.system\java\CardRegistry look like:
AppID = {51a795c4-6d1d-2abb-bce7-a19e411101d7}             
Args =                                                     
Attribute = 5                                              
BigIcon = Files/MIDlet-1.png                               
Daemon = 0                                                 
Directory = /mmc/mmca1/.system/java/DownloadApps/MIDlet20087
Eraseable = 1                                              
Exec =                                                     
FixedAllPosition = 0    
FixedPosition = 0       
GroupID = ezx           
Icon = Files/MIDlet-1.png
InstalledDate = 2006/9/29
JavaId = 20087          
LockValue = 0           
MassStorageStatus = 1
MpkgFile =          
Name = jStarDict      
OsVersion =                          
Rotation =                                   
Shared = 0                                   
Size = 115K 
Type = 2            
UserID = ezx        
Visible = 1

3. create a folder called dict in your hard disk. Get the dicts you want to use from stardict.sourceforge.n...naries.php
and unzip to the folder. Each dict should have a folder with its
default name and in that folder there will be three files. An .ifo , an
.idx and a file.
If you use 4-1 step, you will not need to unzip the download files.
4 Choose  4-1 or 4-2. 4-1 is suggested.
     4-1 install the dict to jStarDict for desktop and export the dicts to a folder then copy dict/ to your phone. See for how to install jstardict desktop version.
     4-2. unzip the file int the same folder using 7zip and make the
name correct if need. For examle if your dz file named then
the unzipped file should be abc.dict.

5. Copy dict directory to your tf root.



6. In application list ,long click the jStarDict icon, select
manage/permisions, you should change the user data read and user data
write to Never Ask. You have to click the box to select Never Ask. Even there are only one option and the options are already list as Never Ask.

7.(Option,if you meet out memory you can try this)Manage Java Heap, see
8.(Option)add word sound support

9. start jStarDict app,enjoy it. Use dict manager to add dict. You can use the auto discovery function, or add manually.
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foxbeans: create firefox addons in netbeans comment
FAQs - foxbeans
Just create a netbeans plugin to support user netbeans as the ide to create the firefox addons.
It supports creating addons for firefox /mozilla /thunderbird /netbeans /flock /seamonkey /nvu and sunbird.  You need netbeans 6.0 and this plugin. Just download the plugin file, start netbeans 6.0, goto Tools->Plugins->Download and add the downloaded nbm file.

Here are some pictures:

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